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On the occasion of the XIIIth edition of Exhibition Market of Lace and Embroidery "Tramando...Tessendo",

scheduled for 24th, 25th, 26th May 2019, Sinergie aps announces the 12th Art-Craft Contest to create

a product with technique of lace (needle, bobbin, filet crochet, macramé, tatting) and embroidery.


Contest Theme




Geometric, perspective, colourful illusions. Shapeless, ambiguous, unthinkable figures.

Mind is sometimes cheated by eyesight and as result of this reality and fiction are often mistaken.

So when looking at a shadow, a drawing, a whole it feels like seeing something that does not existsor not comply with reality: an optical illusion.

The Op-Art is based on the investigation of how humans perceive the space: use of grids,

contrasts between light and dark, different perspectives with combination of geometric,

abstract or coloured shapes allow the viewer to feel the movement and the three-dimensionality

by distorting our perception of reality; illusions describe a misinterpretation of a true sensation.

Hidden things, drops, whirls, tunnels suddenly come out of swirled lines.

Flat shapes that create bubbles or cubes by swelling up or distorting and pretending the third

dimension appears on a surface which is actually made of two.



  • The competition is open to individual artisans or groups, associations and schools, with or without VAT.
  • The groups and associations will submit a single collective work.
  • The participation fee is € 20.00. Payment will be made via PayPal or Bank transfer before the deadline.
  • The fee includes secretarial expenses and return fees.

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Bank transfer: Bank BCC of Palestrina, Zagarolo (Rm)

IBAN code: IT 73 J 08716 39510 000004051791 - BIC ICRAITRRJW0 -

reason: Art-Craft Competition 2019

You may submit only one work, which must be original, never published before, handmade

with the technique of lace or embroidery. Works with other craft techniques are also allowed,

but at least one technique above must be present.

On the work neither the title nor signatures or references are allowed, penalty disqualification.

The work must not exceed the maximum size of 50x70 cm, and there will not present a glass.

  • The works must be received by 30th April 2019, with attached proof of payment.

The address to send or deliver the works is:

Associazione di Promozione Sociale SINERGIE

Piazza Paparelli 27, 00039 Zagarolo (RM).

Please make an appointment for any delivery/collection in person (tel. 06 9524103).

  • You have to enclose an envelope with the title of your work on the outside.

The envelope must contain:

A sheet of the author's data, with signature of the author;

A sheet of the work, with no signatures or symbols of recognition.

Both sheets can be downloaded here and must be completed in all sections with Office

Word program in Times New Roman, font 12.

The works will be sent back within 90 days after the end of the exhibition. The works can also be

collected personally by the authors or submitting a proxy: you have to arrange the collecting with

the organizers before the start of the exhibition, and sign a receipt of delivery.

The work can be picked up at the end of the event (at 20.00 of 26th May 2019) or at the registered

office of Sinergie aps in the following days.

Please arrange an appointment for any delivery / collection in person.

Jury and Awards

The jury will be formed by experts in the field, and will be presented in the days before the event.

The jury will hold its evaluation on Friday 24th May 2019 and will select the two winners

among all the works admitted.

The two winners will receive:

1st Prize: € 200,00

2nd Prize: € 100,00

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The winning works will be announced at the opening of the exhibition "Tramando...Tessendo",

at 4.30 pm on Friday 24th May 2019.

Grounds for exclusion

- Works received after the deadline (attested by the postmark);

- Works that do not meet the size, that have signatures or other marks of identification;

- Not original works;

- The works that, at the discretion of the jury, don't meet the subject or are made with

not allowed techniques.

Exhibition of the works

The works will be exhibited for the entire duration of the event "Tramando...Tessendo".

Sending the work is intended as the release of the author to exhibit the work and the use of its image.

Sinergie aps is not responsible for any damage done to the works during transport.

The owner of the personal data is Associazione di Promozione Sociale SINERGIE, registered office

Piazza Paparelli 27, 00039 Zagarolo (Rm).

The data will be used for purposes related to this contest in accordance with law 196/2003.

For information:
Associazione di Promozione Sociale Sinergie

Piazza Paparelli 27, 00039 Zagarolo (Rm)

tel. 06 9524103 - www.associazionesinergie.com

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